• Success Stories

    • Douglas’ Amazing Journey to Recovery
      Feb 28, 2017
      Douglas experienced a seizure at home and was admitted to the ER at a general hospital. The severity of his condition unfortunately led to respiratory failure and delirium,... Read More
    • George: On The Road To Recovery
      Feb 28, 2017
      George was admitted to a general hospital to resolve some issues he was experiencing with his medication. During an exercise session he became exhausted and began... Read More
    • Shiron: Getting Her Life Back
      Nov 08, 2016
      Shiron was in a serious car accident when two teenage drunk drivers collided with her vehicle.  She suffered from a traumatic brain injury, respiratory failure and multiple... Read More
    • Ms. M: Making Great Progress
      Apr 06, 2016
      Ms. M, 57, has a history of systemic lung erythematosus, class V lupus nephritis and hypertension. She was initially admitted to the hospital with acute respiratory failure... Read More
    • Mr. R: A Clean Recovery
      Jan 28, 2016
      Mr. R came to Kindred Hospital Aurora with cirrhosis of the liver and second degree burns. He was also in septic shock and required a ventilator to breathe. Among his many... Read More
    • Thomas: Overcomes Obstacles
      Jan 28, 2016
      Thomas was admitted to Kindred Hospital Aurora with complex wound issues, diabetes and end-stage liver disease.Earlier in the year, Thomas was treated for jaundice and... Read More
    • Ms. Z: Determined to Recover
      Jan 28, 2016
      When Ms. Z came to us, she was in a tough spot. She was weak, bedridden and in need of a tracheostomy collar for breathing. Her health was in a downward spiral.But she never... Read More
    • Mr. L: Amazing Resilience
      Jan 28, 2016
      Mr. L was going about his usual routine at home when he developed a sudden weakness on the left side of his body. Luckily, his wife was home and was able to call for an... Read More
    • John: Everyone Worked Together
      Jan 01, 2014
      John was working on his farm. He hopped off his tractor to shut a gate and his tractor kept moving.“I tried to jump on it, like a dummy, and fell,” John said. “The tractor... Read More
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